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Feed barley Grade 2


Barley is an ancient crop since 7000 B.C. and is accounted as one of the most purposeful grain crops in the world. Barley stands fourth in terms of the importance of cereal grain in the world. It is used by humans, animals for food, feed and beverages. Barley grain is a great source of energy and protein in beef cattle diets. Barley Grade 2 is primarily grown in temperate regions of the world and is tolerant to drought and saline soils in comparison to other cereal grains. EG Export and Import deals in the best and provide the best. Bring yourself into contact with us and buy the best commodities.

Origin: USA / South America /Canada / Australia /Ukraine /Russia ( buyers Option )


Moisture: 13 % Max. Weight:Min.63 pct kg/hl 
Crude Protein: 10 % Min
Radiation: Normal Grain Impurities: 3% Max.
Damaged grains: 2% Max. 
Crude Fat: 2 % Min. Foreign Matters: 1 % Max. 
Crude Fiber: 8 % Min. Crop Year: Latest Crop

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