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Red hard winter wheat-grade 2


The oldest and most widely used food crops in the nation is–– Wheat. Red Hard Winter Wheat Grade 2 covers almost 40 percent of total US wheat production. This type of wheat is mainly grown in the Great Plains states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and the Pacific Northwest. Basically, Red Hard Winter dominates the U.S wheat production. Get in contact with the most prominent and leading EG Exporters and Importers. You would not find the quality we maintain here in our commodities.

South America / Canada / Australia


Test Weight: 58 lb per bu Min. Damaged Kernels: 0.5 % Max. 
1000 Kernel Wt: 30-32 Grams Foreign Matter: 0.5 % Max. 
Protein Cont: 11 % - 13 % Min. Imperfect Grains: 0.5 % Max 
Moisture Content: 12 % Max. Water Absorption: 76 % Min. 
Wet Gluten: 26 % Min. Radiation: Normal 
Dry Gluten: 10 % Min. Falling Number: 300 Min. 
Dockage: 1-3 % Max. Crop Year: Latest Crop

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