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Wheat Bran


Wheat Bran is considered to be as a source of fibre. There are three parts of a wheat kernel such as endosperm, bran, and the germ. The hard layer of the kernel is known as Wheat Bran, which gets separated by milling from other parts of the kernel. This type of grain is very popular for its effectiveness in maintaining bowel regularity. Wheat Bran has a great positive impact on the body of humans. Buy the best quality of Wheat Bran here at EG Export and Import. We make our products available in attractive packaging too. Order today!

Product Standard Specification

• Dry matter    : 90%

• Protein          : 14.5%

• Energy (ME) : 12.0 MJ/kg DM

• Crude Fibre   : 6.0% min - 22% max 

• Moisture        : 13.0% max

• Ash               : 6.0% max

• Starch           : 17% min - 22% max 


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