About Us

EG is an international company for export and import of all products, goods. We are always eager to develop new trading partners while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have already established in international trade markets.

Compliance and Risk

Responding to regulation and addressing risks is an embedded part of how we do business at EG Export & Import Company. Our team of compliance and risk experts work across our business, helping managers at all levels address the wide and complex range of risks that are inherent to our broad portfolio and global operations.

Vision and values

Our Vision

To work towards a safe and sustainable future, contributing to the global effort of providing sustenance for a growing population.

Our Values


Our commitment is in the way we build relationships based on trust with partners at every stage of the value chain, upholding the highest ethical standards while pursuing excellence.


Our leading position makes us fully conscious of our responsibility to act with integrity and continually question the way we work so that we always engage with and learn from our customers, partners, and communities.


Our global perspective promotes respect for diversity across every aspect of our business and in all the communities in which we operate.


Our entrepreneurial spirit drives growth by supporting people in taking initiatives with strong risk management to enable fast, clear and informed decision-making.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to use our know-how and global reach to bring the right product to the right location, at the right time.

We help you find innovative solutions to help develop and grow your business by finding ways to make your processes work better, easier, faster or more profitably.


We aim to make clients happy by selling the best products at the best prices, in a friendly, fun atmosphere. Our rating has remained at 100% with excellent and positive feedbacks. We are constantly adding new products.


With teams of experienced professionals we give multiple solutions to our clients around the world. Our professionals deliver high-touch services to help clients every step they take.


We have five values that have always contributed to our success; take pride, be passionate, never give up, work as a team and make it fun.