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White Corn


One of the known variety of sweet corn is White Corn. The ears of white corn are wrapped in a tightly layered pale lime green to white husks. Growing in rows lengthwise, each corn’s ear has up to 400 kernels. Kernels, as well as the white corn, are creamy white in colour. Sugar and water are present in a high percentage of the kernels. Being the member of the grass family Gramineae, it carries a better flavour and texture both. Buy the best quality White Corn here at EG Export and Import with reasonable prices available.

Commodity and specification:

Non- GMO White maize.
For human consumption.
Crop: new
Moisture Content: 12.5% max
Extraneous Matter/Trash: 1% max
Broken: 3% max
Shrivelled: 1% max
Grain of other colour: 2% max
Rotten/Moulded: 1% max
Aflatoxin Total: 4 ppb max
Contaminants: None
Germinating Grain: None
Live Insects: Free

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