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Yellow Corn


Yellow Corn that is used as feed grains is a major source of starch. There are varieties of Yellow Maize that are used as a feed for livestock, forage, silage and grain. We are the leading suppliers of this product and deal with various Poultry Industry, Cattle Farms, Animal Feed Industry and Global Feed manufacturers. At EG, we make our clients provided with apex quality of yellow corn. We give first priority to superior quality products delivery and good relationship with customers. Buy Yellow Corn Feed Grains at EG Export and Import today in attractive packaging options available.

Feed Grains
We are an eminent supplier of Animal Feed Grains and Cattle Feed Grains to our valued clients from all across the world. We cater mainly to some of the major wet-milling industries and animal feed industries.


Moisture Max 14%
Foreign Matter Max 3%
Heat Damaged Kernel Max 2%
Total Damaged Kernel Max 5%
Discoloured / Immature Max 3%
Broekn Max 3%
Admixture Max 2%
Packing Bags / Bulk


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