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A fat known as Olive Oil is produced from the fruit of the Olea europaea (olive tree), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean region. The olives are pressed wholly to obtain this distinctive oil. This oil was used in the past as a fuel for traditional lamps. Nowadays, it is used in medicine, soaps, cosmetics and cooking. Originally, Olive Oil came from the Mediterranean, but at present it is used throughout the world. If you like to buy this type of oil, then contact us at EG Export and Import and get it at reasonable prices.


100% Olive Oil, Pure

Country of Origin

May be a product of any of the following countries:

 IT=Italy, ES=Spain, GR=Greece, CL=Chile, AG=Argentina, TR=Turkey, TN=Tunisia, MX=Mexico, LE=Lebanon, MA=Morocco, US=USA

Packaging and Storage

Packaged in FlexiTanks, 2,009, 2,093 or 2,511 Lb Totes, 419 Lb Drums, 35 Lb Containers, 

1 Gallon Containers, 3 Liter Tins or 3 Liter Bag in a Box Containers.

24 months from the date of manufacture, if un-opened.

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