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Long Grain White Rice is a longer and slimmer grain. Even after cooking, this kind of rice remains fluffy and separate. The quantity of starch (amylopectin) is less in Long Grain White Rice which is what makes rice stick together. Being neutral in flavour, this type of grain provides a backdrop for other foods. Nonetheless, higher-quality white rice—like a real French baguette or good white pasta —provides pleasingly chewy “al dente” texture and a little buttery natural flavour of its own.  This Long Grain White Rice has both texture and taste. Buy the best rice at EG now!

White rice 5% broken
Broken: 5% max
Moisture : 14.5%
Admixture: 0.1%
Chalky kernels: 5%
Red and streaked kernels: 1.5%
Yellow kernels: 0.5%
Damaged kernels: 0.5%
Paddy grains: 15%
Milling degree: double polished

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