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Easy cook lLong grain white rice


The “easy cook” pack of Basmati and Long Grain Rice is also known by the name “parboiled.” This type of rice comes in both brown and white varieties. The way standard rice is grown and harvested, the exact way is used to treat Easy Cook Long Grain White Rice. A slight difference that comes between the two is an additional process that grains go through after the harvest. Easy Cook rice takes more time to cook in comparison to non-easy cook varieties. But the texture and aroma it carries are nowhere to be found. Book your order today at EG!

Max Broken: 4.00%
Whole Kernels: More than or equal 80%
Max Moisture: 14%
Max Red Kernels: 0.50%
Max Yellow Kernels: 0.25%
Max Black Kernels: 0.10%
Milling Degree: Extra Well Milled
*Specifications as Official Export Standard of Thailand *

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