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Ebony wood


A dense black hardwood is known as Ebony. It is very dense and enough to sink in the water. Ebony wood has a very smooth finish when polished and is finely-textured. The shiny smooth surface of this wood makes it valuable as an ornamental wood. Some of the modern uses of Ebony Wood includes musical instruments like black piano and harpsichord, viola, guitar, double bass, violin, mandolin and cello finger boards. Many guitar picks and plectra are made out of this black Ebony wood. Book your order for Ebony wood at EG Export and Import today and get the quality product at your door step within the given time limit.

Ebony wood - Timber: the heartwood is perfectly black, with sometimes white streaks. The grain is extremely fine, almost invisible. The timber is hard with a density of 0.9 to 1.1 t/m3. The sapwood is wide, of white or light yellowish colour.

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