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Beech wood is one of the ten species of beech trees. The Beech tree is a family of deciduous tree that are native to Asia, Europe and North America; andfrom where Beech wood has also been derived. Being a tough wood, Beech Wood is used widely in the construction of houses and in the manufacturing of household items, furniture and frames. With a good resistance to abrasion, Beech wood is strong and Durable both. It has a fine grain that makes it an attractive material for use in homewares. Beech wood comes in white colour to pinkish brown in colour. Order Beech wood today!

WOOD PRODUCTS: Beech Distribution Map Beech wood is used to make flooring, furniture, veneer plywood, and railroad ties. It is especially favored as fuel wood because of its high density and good burning qualities. Coal tar made from beech wood is used to protect wood from rotting. The creosote made from beech wood is used to treat various human and animal disorders.

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